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 Gain access to over 1.2 Million customers that are not searching on Google, Meta, or Reddit to see what customers really think.

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Our team of specialist have you covered to make sure registering and succeeding on new platforms is done efficiently. Maneuvering a new platform is hard enough, let us take care of localizing your marketing for new customers. We build trust by speaking their native language rather than just using an online translator.

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Your New Social Media Team

 With each annual package, we dedicate a team of creatives to your brand to create content, distribute, engage and so much more. 

Head Strategist

Every great campaign starts with a great strategy. Our strategist work to make sure we are targeting the right clients, with content that will convert.

Content Creators

All content we create is custom for your brand. Our creators ensure your content stands out, is engaging and most importantly converting customers.

Distribution Manager

Every channel is different and your new distribution manager will make sure the correct content is used most efficiently. Not all platforms are the same, we make sure to break through the noise.

Community Managers

Engagement with customers is the fastest way to grow awareness of your brand. We create fan clubs and groups to give your community a home.

Grow Your Presence, Grow Your Revenue

When looking to market to Chinese consumers, don't waste your marketing fee on SEO, newspaper, or magazine. In most cases, you don't even need to invest a Chinese version of your website . Chinese social media marketing brings the highest ROI for social media.

Trusted Social Platforms

Social Media Planning

Chinese-Canadian customers don't rely on Google or Meta. We build trust with consistent posting on the most trusted platforms.

WeChat Marketing

WeChat is an Eco-system where it's built-in everything equivalent to Amazon, PayPal, Facebook, Instagram, Newsletter, Reddit, and more combined!

Weibo Marketing

The way to do marketing on Weibo is similar to Twitter and Instagram here. Content is catered to make fun and beautify daily posts to attract awareness.

RED marketing

Where members share the experience of where to purchase luxury goods in foreign countries and share valued products and services not selling in Mainland China

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Below we have answered some of the more frequent asked questions. If you have any other questions please contact our team.


  • There is no equivalent in western Internet world. It start with a forum where members share the experience where to purchase luxury goods in foreign countries and tax free shops in Airport, and also share good products and service in foreign countries which not selling in Mainland China. The founder of this forum put every foreign products and services getting most Likes into a PDF doc and share it on Internet, and called it “Little Red Book”. And then, it went viral. All the goods listing on this doc selling like crazy in China.
  • The forum later becomes a social media app call Red. And users write detailed 600 words review essays of products and services they think worthy to recommend, from expensive purchases like houses, sports cars, and luxury handbag, to day to day purchases like interesting things on Amazon and Walmart. And now, It becomes a must procedure before a purchase decision to check the review on Red (Just like we Google or watch some review videos on YouTube before buying something). Additionally, Chinese consumers especially female consumers find every new product to buy, new restaurants to eat, new places to visit, new real estate agencies or accountants to trust, and other services like Spa, gyms, bars, etc. In conclusion, they start spending money after finding something on Red, they won’t spend money before checking on Red.
  • Furthermore, Red is the most trustworthy social media platform by Chinese. Red is the only social media platform with Zero tolerance for fake followers or comments. Imaging Instagram ban Kim Kardashian for the first time been proved using bots? Red has done similar things a lot of times. So this increases the its own credibility. Its users trust the content on it. And you also don’t need to worry about the unfair advantages from your competitors.
  • Red is a platform all about spending money, but Weibo is also a valuable platform for your business.
  • Weibo has a location tag and subpage which let users find everything new in their own city.
  • That’s been said, if you want to build a buzz or trend, Weibo is the place to go.
  • This is the place to build your brand. The way to do marketing on Weibo is similar to Twitter and Instagram here. You make fun and beautify daily posts to attach your consumers.
  • The thing many English businesses do wrong on Weibo is they just translate their English posts to use them on Chinese social media, or tell stories from a foreign perspective, which Chinese consumers really do not care about.

It is an agreement that can be terminated with a 30 days notice. The one year agreement allows us to show consistency and build trust for your company.

  • WeChat, you must have heard the word before, or maybe you have downloaded it. It looked like a chat app like WhatsApp or Messenger on your phone with your phone language setting as English. But when a Chinese installed it on their phone which the language setting as Chinese, WeChat becomes an Eco-system, where it built-in everything equivalent to Amazon, PayPal, Facebook, Instagram, Newsletter, Reddit, etc.
  • With the 100% penetration rate of Chinese speaking people, there is no reason we ignore it. We first need to build a business account in WeChat which they call as WeChat Official Accounts Platform. It works as your business website on the Western Internet.

Chinese consumers do product and service research on Social media instead of search engine. We can easily find that from the fact that Baidu (the Chinese Google equivalent) only worth less than 10% of the value of Alibaba (Chinese Amazon equivalent) or Tencent (Chinese Facebook equivalent). It shows that how Chinese consumers neglect the search engine, but value the social media.

Western social media channels are great for targeting customers on those platforms. however if you are looking for Chinese consumers, the platforms suggested are the best way to create trust, build awareness and sell your product.

The simple answer is No. Platforms like WeChat have a rigorous sign up process that we make easy. Your company needs to be approved and tested before you can post. Our team of experts have made this process easy. Your company starts with a clean slate on these platforms and we build your profiles to be trusted as soon as we go live.

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