Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Welcome to Ciao Marketing – your new team of marketing specialist to help your company get in front of Chinese-Canadians  customers looking for your business. 

Connect With Millions Of New Customers

Right now over 1.5 million Chinese Canadians are online looking for new Canadian brands and products.

Trusted Social Media Platforms

Our team specializes in working with preferred social media platforms like RED, WeChat, Weibo and more.

How can we help you?

Customized Strategy

For your brand our team figures out which strategy is best to grow on the Chinese-Canadian platforms. Making sure you build over the next 12 months.

Organic Social Marketing

With the 100% penetration rate of Chinese speaking people. We put your content in front of customers that no other platforms can.

Customer Centric Content

Content designed and built by specialists in selling to Chinese consumers. Your content is catered to engage with your new customers and build trust.

Build Leads To Sales

Tapping into a new customer base will create some buzz and increase conversion with great content. Building trust that leads to more sales.

Campaign Planning

We plan ahead to make sure you have consistent content for the whole year. Posting at least 3 times a week. All campaigns are customized for each brand.

PR Crisis Consulting

Avoid a PR crisis with our specialized team. We make sure nothing is lost in translation and being sensitive to all cultural preferences.

Let's Get Started With A Free Strategy - Sent To You!

With just a little information our team can get started on a strategy and plan of attack of how you can get started marketing to new customers. 

Your Enhanced Marketing Team

We take care of everything, posting daily, provide you with your own social media manager, content creator and community manager. You keep providing an amazing service and we will provide weekly reports of how great your channels are doing. When you work with Ciao Marketing your team will start with.  


We set you up on platforms that are only available in certain languages. Our team sets you up professionally and efficiently


We build you content customized to your branding and message. Keeps your customer enganged and coverting on trusted platforms.

Manage Distribution

Posting done for you, we make sure to post at least once a day across the major platforms. We know where to post and increase awareness.

Community Manager

Content and posting times are very important, managing engagement is even more valuable. Our specialist engage with users to increase conversions.

Ciao Marketing

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We are happy to provide our services across Canada, with two main offices in Vancouver and Toronto. Click below to send a message or book time with our specialists.